Ecologically Mindful

At EcoLiving Property we strive to utilize ecologically friendly products and materials.  It is critical to our families to ensure the safety of the environment we spend so much time and to create sustainable options to high-energy consumption used in traditional homes.  It is possible to improve our quality of life with green living.

Since the 1950’s over 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced to consumers in the United States.  These chemicals are used in cleaning products, manufacturing goods, agriculture, hygiene products and of course in the materials used in our homes.  Of the 80,000 new chemicals, only around 200 have actually been tested for safety prior to use.  We know devastating effects on the environment and the human body have occurred as a result of the chemicals including lead and asbestos.  We also know by rebuilding homes using ecologically mindful products we can create a safe haven and reduce the risk of harm to you and those you love.

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